exotic pet euthanasia Queen Creek

Exotic Pet Euthanasia Queen Creek AZ

When euthanizing avian species acceptable methods are to use barbiturates that cause direct depression of the brain and heart which leads to death by hypoxia. The bird should be given an IV catheter as the air sacs prevent I/P administration. It may be required to use inhalant anesthesia if IV access is difficult. Under anesthesia it can be delivered I/M or into the heart through the sternum.

Euthanizing reptiles consideration is always give to account for the differences in metabolism, respiration and the species tolerance to cerebral hypoxia. It can be difficult at times to ascertain if the reptile is dead. Barbiturates can be administered intravenously, intra-cardiac or intra-coelomically depending on anatomic features, and time of effectiveness may vary with death occurring in about 30 minutes. Many reptiles are very capable of holding their breath and converting to anaerobic metabolism and can survive for long periods of anoxia some up to 27 hours for some species. Because of this ability unconsciousness may be greatly prolonged when using inhalants.

Small mammals and rodents are similar to cats and dogs however the ease of IV access will vary. Inhalant anesthetic is typically administered following a sedation medication that minimizes the stress for the pet.

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